It Begins With Love

S. D. Smith and his family

Sam I am. This is my fam. 

I’m Sam Smith, an author who is corny enough to use his initials, just like his heroes (C. S. Lewis, P. G. Wodehouse, G. K. Chesterton, J. R. R. Tolkien, etc.). I’m married to Gina, who is beautiful and brave. Our kids are Anne (yep, with an E), Josiah (my co-author on Jack Zulu), Micah (needs a haircut), and Norah (the “baby”). We live and love in West Virginia. We are devout Christians because Jesus knows me, this I love. We like soccer. We love taking walks. We eat together and hug a lot. We loved watching Gravity Falls and reading Little Women. We all make things. 

Norah makes everyone smile by being vibrant and fun. Micah makes magical plays on the soccer pitch. Josiah makes everyone feel special by listening and enthusiastically encouraging. Anne makes everyone grateful by being an incredible gift-giver and fun hang. Gina makes our family go with her constant, faithful, tenacious loving. I make stories for them, and for you. 

Our family runs on love. Our family business is all about love. 

It began with love (The Green Ember started on our porch, a daddy and daughter sharing an improvised adventure) and it still always begins with love. It’s love when it gets to you. It’s love when you close the book and pass it on. It’s love when you pull on an Ember shirt, or play like noble rabbits in the yard. It’s love when you put crayon to paper and re-make in our shared world. Love, love, love. 

I’m Sam, and our family business is making things for you from a heart of love and service. We are your allies in imagination. 

We’re on your side. 

Love, Sam. 

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