Happy Birthday Ember Falls!

Happy Birthday Ember Falls!! We’re celebrating with a GIVEAWAY so read on!

Happy Birthday, Ember Falls

“Where’s the next book?” is a question frequently repeated soon after The Green Ember and The Black Star of Kingston were released.

The stage is set. It’s war. Morbin Blackhawk, slaver and tyrant, threatens to destroy the rabbit resistance forever. Heather and Picket are two young rabbits improbably thrust into pivotal roles.

The fragile alliance forged around the young heir seems certain to fail. Can Heather and Picket help rescue the cause from a certain, sudden defeat?

My Place Beside You
My Blood For Yours
Till The Green… Ember Falls

After much anticipation, Ember Falls made its way to delighted fans.

 “But no cause is greater than my love for you.

I fight because you are in my heart.”

Lord Rake

Was The Green Ember always meant to be a series? Watch the video to see what S. D. Smith has to say!

Here’s what YOU have to say about this second installment of The Green Ember Series.

Have you had a chance to review this book? Let us know what you think on Goodreads, Amazon, or Audible. Your reviews mean so much!

Fun Fact: Ember Falls shares a birthday with National #KidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay. (Yes, that’s really a thing!)

Encourage the kids to get creative and come up with a tasty Green Ember inspired treat. Here is some inspiration: 

We love to see what you create. Use #rabbitswithswords and tag @sdsmithereens and @thegreenemberofficial on Instagram or Facebook!

If your bellies aren’t too laden with delicious snacks, head outside for a vigorous game of Bouncer.


Bouncer is a game played by the bucks and does, including Jo Shanks, of Halfwind Citadel.

For this game you will need:

  • a kickball (or any ball, really)
  • large hoop or something to make a circle (i.e. rope, etc.)

How to play:

Lay the large hoop on the ground and kick the ball high into the air.
As soon as it lands its first bounce, make haste to catch it.
Whoever grabs the ball first must race to touch the ball down in the circle on the ground before being tagged.
If the player is tagged, they must kick the ball high again and the game resumes.
After a score, the scorer kicks the ball high to begin the next round, resuming the chase.

We love seeing you play and create in The Green Ember World. Here is what you’ve been up to:

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Free Printable

Prester Kell touched his ears, his eyes, his mouth. As he did so, he sang, and though no instruments accompanied this song, most of the assembly joined in. “Let us hear with humility, see with generosity, speak with honesty…”

Ember Falls

We want EVERYONE to get something from the birthday festivities so we’re giving you a blank coloring quote.

Ember Falls coloring pages

Print it out, color it in, frame it, and get creative! We’d love to see what you come up with—show us by using the hashtag #rabbitswithswords and tagging @sdsmithereens & @SDSmithAuthor.

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More Birthday Fun: Giveaway!

In honor of this special birthday, here’s what we’re giving away:

The Green Ember 10 books

( 1 ) Complete SIGNED Set of Green Ember Main Series, Green Ember: Archer Series, and Green Ember: Old Natalia (10 books in total!)
( 1 ) Complete set of ALL Green Ember Audiobooks (10 audiobooks in total!)
( 6 ) SIGNED copies of Ember Falls
( 6 ) Ember Falls Audiobooks

For a total of 14 winners!

To Enter: 

September is Read a New Book Month. Comment (here / Instagram / Facebook) with a new book you’ve read or one that’s on your list!


Must have a U.S. mailing address. Must be 18 or older. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook or Instagram. Void where prohibited.

Thank you for celebrating the book birthday of Ember Falls with us!

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    1. Congratulations! You have won the complete signed set of The Green Ember Series! Please email natalie@storywarren.com with a subject line of “I WON the complete signed set.” Please include your name and mailing address. Thanks for participating!

  1. I am going to make something with carrots today to celebrate the birthday, and I will also be celebrating it tomorrow along with my little brother’s birthday

  2. We made sugar cookies and decorated them with icing. We drew designs like rabbits, swords, the green ember and the double diamond symbol. They taste great!

  3. My daughter and son Love the green ember series almost as much as I do! They love the story. I love the story for it’s giving us opportunities to discuss rich Truths.
    “Till the green ember rises, or the end of the world…” Mom of Little People

  4. I love reading chapter books to my two toddlers. The Green Ember is on our to be read list! I can not believe it has been out for 6 years and we have not read it yet!

  5. This is 💥 AMAZING! 💥
    Personally, I just read The Orphan Train for the first time. It was good!
    My kids are reading: Ravenwood, Percy Jackson, The Witch Of Blackbird Pond, Wings of Fire.

    1. I am two chapters away from completing The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan. It is book 5 of the Wheel of Time and I’m excited to continue the series.

  6. I’m going through the Amulet graphic novel series by Kazu Kibuishi for the first time, at the behest of my kids. 🙂 I’m on book 7 at the moment.

  7. My oldest and I just started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! I hope to start the Green Ember with her or my older two soon.

  8. Good morning,

    I recently read the Wingfeather Saga. Now all the Green Ember books are on my list to read with my kids!



  9. Happy Birthday! 🎂 What a generous giveaway you are hosting. Currently this month we are reading The Nephew’s Magician by C.S. Lewis and hope to go thru the whole series of Chronicles of Narnia!

  10. We have enjoyed listening to all of your books. We just finished Prince Lander and the Dragon War. We are going to try The Wingfeather Saga and see what the Warrior series is like too. The Fablehaven series is another favorite.

  11. Happy Birthday!!!! We are reading The Green Ember for the very first time and loving it (kids and parents alike). We look forward to reading our way through the whole series.

  12. The Green Ember series was a light through the trials of lockdowns during Covid. It was our family read aloud and the kids looked forward to bedtime each night so that they could hear more about Picket and Heather.
    Our current read aloud books are the Thornton Burgess animal books.

  13. We are reading Black Star of Kingston right now!! (We’ve read the four Green Ember and the three archer books). We are enjoying it!

  14. At my son’s request I recently read The Silver Arrow, and really enjoyed it – now I have to wait until he finishes the sequel (The Golden Swift) before I can read that one.

  15. Our son and I are reading the First Fowler and Five Little Peppers & How They Grew. We are so excited to read Ember Ends when we are done!!!! Thanks for the .99 cent deal for the Birthday Celebration! Happy Birthday Ember Falls!!!

  16. New books on our read aloud list for this school year include E Nesbit books: The Enchanted Castle, The Railway Children, and Five Children and It.
    Reading aloud to my kids is the best part of our homeschool day, and your books are crowd pleasers here!!

  17. Yay! Happy Birthday Ember Falls! Our new book is Green Ember actually. My husband & I and our two older kids have read the series but now my two younger ones are ready… so we are halfway through The Green Ember. It’s even better as a read aloud! Such. Good. Books. 😍

  18. I just finished the Wingfeather Saga this summer! It was great (though I still do like the Green Ember series better 😀 ). I’ve also been reading The Reading Life — a selection of C.S. Lewis’s essays on reading. They’re very good! (As Lewis always is!)

  19. We are over halfway through listening to Ember Falls for the hundredth time and for a new story, we are about to start reading Little Pilgrims Progress together for school. ☺️

  20. We’ve reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio and The Green Ember. Really enjoying both of them. Also looking forward to getting started on the Redwall series this Winter.

    1. We just finished The Green Ember and have started Ember Falls. My children have found the books interesting and engaging. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

  21. My eight year old just started Lloyd Alxeander’s Book of Three, he is reading the series for school and loving it.
    I just finished Nicholas Sparks book The Best of Me.

  22. My son, Atticus loves the books! Something I am personally looking forward to reading is a book – American Made on US jobs.

  23. We are on our second round of listening to the series! My younger kids are enjoying it for the first time and my older kids are loving it for the second time!

  24. I’ve been reading The Wingfeather Saga book 1 by Andrew Peterson. I love the feeling of adventure and danger, but also compassion and love. In many ways it reminds me of the Green Ember series. How the characters stand up for what they believe is right no matter the consequences. It’s definitely an inspiration to not be afraid. love this book! It’s definitely one I’d re-read over and over again.

  25. Not new, but I’ve been rereading through the Anne of Green Gables series for the first time in 25 years, and it’s amazing the things I notice as an adult that I didn’t as a teenager! It’s almost as good as reading a new book!

  26. I’m planning on reading King Arthur and Her Knights by K.M. Shea. She writes twisted tales and they’re always so creative and fun!

  27. I just read The Long Ride Home with the kids and they’ve just finished the audiobooks of all your Green Ember series and LOVED them! Can’t wait for the Jack Zulu release!

  28. Happy 6th birthday, Ember Falls! My kids are reading: the Endling series, Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Land of Stories series, and Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series.

  29. Just finished The Three Sisters; my son is getting ready to read The Prince Warriors series; my daughter just finished the entire Anne of Green Gables series. And I’m currently reading Not A Fan.

  30. We are reading Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze, and my youngest is just starting the Green Ember series. We know he’s going to love it as much as the rest of us do!

  31. Finally getting around to reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer! For some reason it didn’t click with me as a kid but now I think the humor is hilarious! Also reading The Life of Chopin by Franz Liszt for a piano teachers book club and The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis for my Christian book club. Ember Falls is my next to read in the Green Ember universe! I’m looking forward to when my little sons are old enough to become Green Ember fans!

  32. I am reading Jerry Bridges’ book called Trusting God. It’s very good and appropriate for living in today’s culture. My family loves your books. We have all but the newest. But if we were to win, that would be fantastic as my kids are starting to leave the home and will be taking their books with them.

  33. We just finished reading the 10 book series. Today is one of my children’s birthday’s. He is going to be excited to learn that he shares a birthday with one of the books. When we finished one of them asked me what the next book in the series is going to be about. I said I don’t know if there is another one- just showing you how much they loved it- they’d like another. I said if one comes out we’ll read it, but our next book is going to be a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming. Thank you for your great books.

  34. Green Ember were our car trip books. The whole family loves them.
    Right now I am trying out Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie. I am reading the Airborne series with my older boys, a book by my husbands aunt with my girls, and Dragon Masters with my little boys. We love books!

  35. Congratulations! I get teary-eyed just thinking of how the LORD used this series to stir my heart. Wish it would go on and on. I’m currently reading Generations by Kenny Sargent. I guess it’s a staple in all homeschool libraries. I’m just getting on board. 😉

  36. Happy birthday, Ember Falls! I think my favorite series of all time is the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis — my husband read them out to me at night after our kids were in bed.

  37. My two teenagers just finished up the Hunger Games series and I’m reading aloud The Bronze Bow with my other kiddos. We all love the Green Ember series! Happy Birthday! Thanks for beautiful stories to read with my kids.

  38. We just finished The First Fowler! Looking forward to the other side stories as we’ve already finished reading the main 4 books 🙂

  39. I’m reading Ranger’s Apprentice: The Burning Bridge right now. (I’m also listening to Ember’s End while I drive though 😊)

  40. I am actually reading Ember Rising right now and it is fantastic! I can’t wait for Jack Zulu and the Waylander’s Key to come out! That one is TOTALLY on my list of to-reads!

  41. The new (to me) book I hope to read this month is Live Not By Lies, but Rod Dreher. It was actually published in 2020, and has been languishing, unread, on my shelf for the last year or so. But it is very timely, speaking to a Christian witness in a world gone mad. One issue it addresses is how to let go of bitterness, while fighting the good fight. I think the heroes of the Green Ember series would approve!

  42. My daughter and I just squealed with delight because one of those cookies above had our middle name on it (Leora).

    I have so many new-to-me books on my list. I just recently read The Fountains of Silence. And I’m looking forward to The Day the World Came to Town.

  43. I finished Girl Behind the Red Rope (Ted Dekker and his daughter) the other day. Most of my other recent reads are old favorites.

  44. Happy Birthday to Ember Falls! 🎂 🥳 I read the whole book on Kindle the day it released when I was about 14 years old. It inspired me to write my own animal stories for my younger siblings, something I still do today.
    Now I’m reading the whole series again out loud with my little sisters and enjoying it just as much! I only wish I had a hardcover set!
    A book I just finished reading myself: Lord of the Flies (😬). I plan to read something a little less chaotic next, such as Wendell Berry’s Port William series.

  45. My daughter is reading The Merchant of Venice. My son is listening to the audiobook of The Lord of the Rings. I have several Jacqueline Brown novels to get caught up on, including Awakening and Gifted.

  46. I’ve read some good books recently! One was the Atrabeth Finrod ah Andreth by J. R. R. Tolkien — a beautiful and tear-provoking discussion (between Finrod Felagund and a woman named Andreth) on the nature of death and mortality. It’s full of sadness, but also of hope. Vintage Tolkien.

    I also just finished the Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander, set in an imaginary land inspired by ancient Wales. I loved tracing Taran’s journey towards maturity and realization of the fact that swords are not the only way to honor — tending a farm, weaving cloth, or whatever you are called to do is just as glorious as defeating enemies in battle (which, by the way, is also the subject of the Green Ember series).

  47. We’ve devoured the whole series — moving from the ‘core 4’ and then shooting off to follow Shanks and the crew before diving deep into the annals of old Natalia.
    Favorite book: Ember Rising
    Favorite page: Picket Pack-Slayer song
    Favorite part: the big reveal – they are NOT lepers!

    Now to Middle Earth with The Hobbit!

  48. A new book I’ve read…that would be Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay. It was a solid three-star read for me: neither a new favorite nor a terrible book.

  49. At my house for fun we are reading (or just finished): The Little Bookroom (11y/o), An Ordinary Princess (me), E. Nesbit’s Complete Book of Dragons (me & 5 y/o), Adventures of Huck Finn (13 y/o). My 11 y/o is a huge Green Ember fan.

  50. My new book I’m reading now is The Wonderland Trials by Sara Ella and next up is Wishtress by Nadine Brandes 💕📚

  51. I’m reading The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. There’s much more depth to the Mowgli story than the Disney version gives—isn’t there always?

  52. My family and I are listening to and reading along “the Green Ember”. This is our new book of the month. Since we are traveling, we may get to finish the book on the car ride.
    Our next new read-aloud, will be Charlotte’s web, assuming we are able to wait after we are done with the Green Ember and don’t feel the need to go straight into Ember Falls. 🙂

  53. I’m reading M is for Mama for myself and Indian Captive The story of Mary Jemison with my kids. This is an amazing giveaway!!

  54. Yaaaaaaaaaay Ember Falls! This is such a fun contest! My kid is really looking forward to reading the Prince Lander GE book soon! Thank you!

  55. We are reading Penderwicks series and Dragon watch series with kids. Kids are reading books in series of Rangers Apprentice, Truth Chronicles, Hardy Boys, and Pioneer Girl. I am reading Hold On to Your Kids; Why parents Matter More than Peers. We have the Green Ember series in paper copy on our wishlist!!!

    1. Congratulations! You have won the complete signed set of The Green Ember Series! Please email natalie@storywarren.com with a subject line of “I WON the complete signed set” Please include your name and mailing address. Thanks for participating!

  56. Ever since I was little, I have been trying to build up a list of clean books to read my children, so all of these comments are reqlly helping me out. Next on my reading list is Earthsea.

  57. I would love to make a cake with a scene of Smalls and Heather in the cavern with the Dragon King! I think that’d be epic! Also, a new book I recently read is Rise of the LivingWood by Kylie Beevers. Although it does not have a ton of reviews, this is a new author striving to write clean, morally sound content. I have to say, this book was one of my favs!!!

  58. Read a novel called Red Cell, a political thriller so accurate that one author in the business wondered “how it got past the CIA censors.” A solid read, well-written but scarily close to reality in the Asian geopolitical realm. I’m also reading The Hero’ Guide To Saving The Castle to my kids. Hooray for winning the contest ( even if I don’t!) The Green Ember inspired my son’s first massive Lego build (13-level mountain with all the scenes from GE); he’s now building Gondor from LOTR for the Festival of Trees fundraiser for St Al’s Hospitals in Boise, ID. Much love and thanks to S.D. Smith and all fans of Rabbits With Swords!

  59. My daughter recently read Dealing With Dragons and enjoyed it. She definitely likes The Green Ember series better though! Congratulations on another book anniversary!

  60. Could you tell me where in the book the quote “Hear with Humility see with generosity speak with honesty,” came from please.

  61. My daughter loves your books and has been reading them (and re-reading them) since 2017. We had the chance to hear you speak in 2018! She loves books she considers “classics or will be classics someday” and The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien is on her list currently.

  62. I am reading The Siege of Macindaw and finished Star Wars: Padawan. I love the Green Ember series and am collecting the books in the series.

    1. Oooh The Siege of Macindaw! The Ranger’s Apprentice series used to be my favorite series literally up until I discovered The Green Ember!

  63. I just finished reading Story Girl as a read aloud with my daughter. She loves the classic L.M. Montgomery books, but this was a new one for us!

  64. We just finished reading A Murder for Her Majesty as a read aloud for homeschool. Another series that I and several in our family are reading is Keeper of the Lost Cities. One of the things we appreciate about the Green Ember series is that it is a true story. It is good to remember often that though there is a lot that is wrong in the world, “it will not be so in the Mended Wood.”

  65. I just finished Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth, which was a great book with an interesting magic system. It was quite intense and overall a very fun read. Next on my list is Daughter of the Deep by Rick Riordan and Masterminds: Payback by Gordon Korman.

  66. Our family just finished The Hobbit and are reading The Deadliest Monster out loud currently. Your books are incredible and we listen to them over and over. We would read them often, too, if we had hard copies. Hopefully! 😉

  67. We recently read Once an Arafat Man and found it a very powerful story of redemption. All four of my kids love the Green Ember books and have read them several times.

  68. I want to read “Awake and Alive to the Truth” by John L. Cooper. I gave a copy to my son for Christmas last year.

    1. I am almost finished reading The Theft of the Giant’s Soul by Mark Cheverton, and recently finished Wither Without You 3 by Kristen Gudnusk! Next on my list is Stellarlune by Shannon Messenger which comes out in November!!!

      Also, 🎂 Happy Birthday Ember Falls! 🎂 I love your books so much!

  69. I am in the middle of like three books and just got a new one. I am finishing the Iliad of Homer this week and am about to start The Book Life of Nina Hill.

  70. I am reading Anxious For Nothing for the first time. My kids read the whole skyward series recently for the first time too 🙂

  71. A book I have read is Princess without a Palace: A King Thrushbeard Fairy Tale
    by Kristen Niedfeldt. One I want to read the rest of the Green Ember series!

  72. Happy Birthday! We love this series. The new book we’re reading is North! Or Be Eaten, from the Wingfeather Saga.

  73. I’m in the process of reading “The Rise and Fall of Whitson Mariner” and soon want to read Prince Lander and the Dragon War!

  74. Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw was just recommended to me. I just purchased it and will begin reading it soon.

  75. We just finished reading “Cora and the Crocodile” as a family & I’m reading “Honey for a Child’s Heart”. We love the Green Ember series and especially the audiobooks!!

  76. Such a generous giveaway! My son is finishing The Green Ember. He just started it this week. 🙂 I on the other hand just finished The Call of the Wild+Free, and now reading The Wild+Free Family. I’m planning to read 5 books this month, and I’m off to a good start 🙂

  77. We love The Green Ember! My husband thought I was crazy for crying at the end of a children’s books until he listened in the next go around. We are currently reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane aloud and we can’t wait for Jack Zulu.

  78. I am currently reading Ember Falls, but will probably finish pretty quickly. That’s what happens with all these cliffhanger chapter endings! I would like to read the rest of the Green Ember series, the Old Natalia books, and the Archer stories.

  79. The new book that I read this month is called “Ten Tales from Shakespeare”. It is a collection of revised versions of ten of Shakespeare’s plays. They are: The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello.

  80. Happy birthday, “Ember Falls”! I love recommending the “Green Ember” books to friends and family. What an enchantingly wonderful series!

    I just finished John Bunyan’s “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners” and I’m currently enjoying Elizabeth Gaskell’s “North and South.” Next on my list is James R. White’s “Scripture Alone.”

  81. Besides just starting into the Green Ember series, we just finished A Dangerous Journey and started reading A Little Princess with a school book club!

  82. Not quite finished, but I’m reading Surprised by Joy for my first time, and really enjoying it!

    The Green Ember series is one of my favorites, and I recommend it to friends and children all the time!

  83. Not quite finished, but I’m currently reading Surprised by Joy for the first time, and really enjoying it!

    The Green Ember series is one of my favorites, and I recommend it to my friends all the time!

  84. I was able to read the Dun Cow series by Walter Wangerin last week and, yes, cried my way through so much of it. But what a beautiful series. I pass books on to my nieces and nephews, they will have to wait a little while for the Dun Cow books, but I hope I am able to be part of their reading them when they do get to them.

  85. I’m hoping to read The One and Only Bob to my kids and Giving Your Words for myself! Can’t wait for Jack Zulu to come out!! Happy Bday!

  86. I’m currently reading “North, or be Eaten”, book 2 of the Wingfeather Saga. We’re doing it as a read aloud with my 11, 13, and 14 year olds, and we’re all loving it!

  87. Happy Birthday Ember Falls! We just finished The First Fowler! The Ember Falls books are the first books my son has been excited about! So grateful!

  88. I recently found some Thornton Burgess books I read as a child, and my son just devoured each in a day (The Adventures of Peter Cottontail and The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel).

  89. The kids and I just finished Understood Betsy! It was such a sweet, clean, beautiful, and innocent story. We could hardly put it down, and all loved it so much! We’ve all listened to the Green Ember books, and every one of the books in between, twice all the way through now. They’re stories we’ll never forget!

  90. We just finished North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson. We’re planning to start the last archer series this month 😊

  91. We just started Magical Ms. Plum with the kids and I am listening to Unbroken with my husband and about to jump into The Lazy Genius Way.

  92. Happy Birthday, “Ember Falls!”
    My family just finished listening to the audiobook! We’re on to “Ember Rising” now, and loving it. A “new” book I’d like to read is, “Giving Your Words” by Sally Clarkson.

  93. I’m re-reading my way through The Mitford Years books by Jan Karon. My daughter has been reading through The Chronicles of Narnia but has taken a little break to read The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. And we are currently reading through your books for our family read-aloud time… we are in Ember Falls right now. ❤️

  94. I’m nearly finished reading through the 100 Cupboards series by N.D. Wilson for the second and then I am going to read A Time To Die by Nadine Brandes which I have not read before.

  95. We are all listening to the Land of Stories series as we run errands and go to activities in the car. They’ve been fun! I’ve been reading various family-centered homeschool reads like Wild + Free Family by Ainsley Arment and The Whole and Healthy Family by Jodi Mockabee! So inspiring.

  96. Finished Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy for my book group — a beautiful book!
    Starting With the Old Breed by E.B. Sledge for the next month. I’ve heard it’s good as well.

  97. My son is about to start read “The False Prince” By Jennifer A. Neilson, and my husband is reading the biography “God’s Smuggler” to my kids at night.

  98. Happy Birthday! It seems like yesterday when we first read Ember Falls. This series is definitely a family favorite that we will enjoy for years to come.

    We are reading the Wingfeather Tales as a family right now.

  99. Currently reading “The Black Star of Kingston” while waiting for my library to get “The Story King” by Matt Mikalatos. I’m very much enjoying “The Sunlit Lands” series!

  100. I am in the process of reading Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry! I love the Green Ember books so much. I attribute much of their influence to my personal writing style now.

  101. My almost 13 year old boy and I recently finished reading The Purloined Boy (book #1 by C.R. Wiley). We were so disappointed to find that the next book in the series, The Quest for the Fey Brand, is in final edits and won’t be available for at least 6 months. I began my search for our next book and stumbled upon the Green Ember series. What I intended for a book to read together, quickly turned into my son disappearing with The Green Ember, and I had to request the remainder of the books from our state’s library system. With a birthday next month, top on his list is the Green Ember Series. In his words, “I want my own copies because these are books I would read to my children.”

  102. Currently reading Book 2 of the Aloha Cove Series by Theresa Kelly.
    The Green Ember Series has been on our homeschool wishlist for awhile. We would love to read this series as a family

  103. We’re starting on “Sweep” by Jonathan Auxier. And we LOVE the Green Ember series! Can’t wait for the new book by S.D. Smith!

  104. My daughter started reading the Green Ember series while we were serving as missionaries. It was exciting to know that the author is a MK also. She recently has been getting her brothers excited about the series and encouraging them to listen to the audiobooks. They are currently also enjoying the series, Secrets of the Hidden Scrolls.

  105. I just finished Green Ember and Blackstar of Kingston. My son and wife have been reading Green Ember and love it! They asked if I wanted to read it too. So I downloaded Green Ember, got hooked, and have already finished the first two books in one week. Lol!

  106. I haven’t been able to read much lately, as I’ve been busy with college, but I just rented the book “Truly, Devious” from my library and plan on finishing that soon.

  107. I have recently finished the newest book in the False Prince series (I HIGHLY recommend this series, along with the Green Ember books) by Jennifer A. Nielsen, the Traitor’s Game series by the same author, and Shielded and its sequel, Untethered, by KayLynn Flanders (again, highly recommend). I am about to read Renegades by Marissa Meyer.

  108. Hey! This month I was reading the Percy Jackson series for the first time!! By the way I followed you on Facebook and left a comment!!

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