It’s a Great Day to Disbelieve Lies and Ignore Prompts to Outrage

Today is a great day to ignore social media and traditional media prompts to hatred, envy, outrage, and despair. It’s a good day to love real people we’re in real community with and to try super hard to disbelieve the lies we tell ourselves about our story and the lies our families or tribes or idols demand we affirm. It’s a good day to turn to Jesus.

It is also a good day for a cookie.


  1. Hear! Hear! For me, it is a Good Day to spend with my wife and children; I find they are a fantastic source of Story, and it would be well for me to pay attention. Thank you always for the encouragement and reminder, Sam

  2. A-MEN!
    I had just this same thought yesterday after reading too much news, so today instead I picked up my knitting again. …And finished off the cookies.

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