Which Green Ember Character Are You? | New Effect!

UPDATE: For a reason unclear to us, Facebook and Instagram (same company) have taken down our effect. It might be due to “violence.” This is strange, arbitrary, and we are not able to learn the specifics of why it has been taken down. Their house, their rules, and we accept that. But we are disappointed by this dumb decision.

Have you ever wondered if you are more of a Heather or a Picket? Now you can find out!

Introducing: “Which Green Ember Character Are You?” Now available as a filter effect in Stories on Instagram & Facebook.

This effect uses highly sophisticated methods to analyze the angle of the sun in relation to your frontal lobe, while making allowance for the hypothesis of quantization.

In other words, it’s completely random.

To access this effect, create an Instagram Story. Near the shutter button, scroll all the way to the right and select Browse Effects. Search The Green Ember, select the result, and tap Try It. Once you begin recording, the quiz will start! You can bookmark it for quick access.

You can also access it here on Facebook and here on Instagram.

Take the quiz, share it in your stories, and tag @sdsmithereens so we can see! 

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