Jack Zulu Official Launch Day!

Hey Pals!

It’s Jack Zulu OFFICIAL LAUNCH Day! YEEEEAH! SO fun. I love this book and I am so grateful I got to write it with my son, Josiah. I spent most of last week with young J. C. on the road and it was so much fun. He’s a great guy and has been an absolute joy to work with. I’m super proud of him. Thank you for helping us spread the word about this new series and for supporting our launch!

To celebrate we had a live party on our YouTube channel! Watch the replay. It was cool. I may or may not have crushed him at Galaga, ate pizza, answered questions and GAVE AWAY LOTS OF AMAZING STUFF.

Help Us Out?

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You KNOW we’re on your side. And I know you’re on our side. If you’re keen to help, please leave a great/brief review on Amazon for Jack Zulu. If you buy the ebook or paperback there, it will power your review even more. But please leave a review. It helps so much!

Amazon SLOW, Smith Fam FAST

So, Amazon does have the Kindle edition up. Way to go, guys!. But they also have had many thousands of physical Jack Zulus on their dock for a long time, but they don’t seem to be processing them. So, their launch day copies—which should be at people’s houses TODAY—do not appear to be shipping yet. Opinion: They kind of stink. We shipped out copies ahead of schedule (go team!) and so many of you already have signed copies. That’s cool. But it would also be cool if you didn’t cancel your orders. But do what you gotta do. We are shipping from my store now.

Signing Jack Zulu books

Audiobook Update

It’s coming, but we’ve had some unexpected delays. You’ll hear it here first when it’s ready! And you will LOVE it. It’s amazing. Can’t wait to share our narrator. He’s incredible!

Thanks for making this Jack Zulu official launch extra special!

Your friend and mine,


Sam and Josiah
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  1. Dear Mr Smith
    I’ve really loved the Green Ember Series. But I’m really struggling to get the new Waylander book due to the heavy occult theme. It’s such a battle to keep this out of my home. Disappointed as I thought you were a Christian author.

  2. Hi Kylie,

    It sounds like you are saying that I am an author who could not be a Christian because you believe that my depictions of evil (as evil) are improper. Do you apply that standard to Scripture–which has far more mentions of many kinds of evil in more detail (including witchcraft) than my book? Do you believe antagonists in fictional books should not include (very mild) depictions of or (minimal) allusions to the evil of witchcraft?
    Do you think it’s more effective (or faithful) to portray evil as not-very-bad?
    My own position is that indulging/diving in-depth into the occult as a subject matter is not usually wise (so I do not do that), but portraying it as evil and destructive is faithful and good.

    God give you joy,
    Sam Smith

  3. My son and I read The Waylanders Key earlier this year. We are now “reading” it again by listening to the audio version together. We love this story and hope the second book comes out soon!!!! And by the way, the narrator in the audiobook is fantastic!!! What a perfect choice, and so talented!

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