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The Green Ember Reviews

Praise for The Green Ember

“This is the story we’ve been waiting for. When my audience wants to know our family’s favorite readaloud, I answer without hesitation: The Green Ember. My blog and podcast audience constantly thanks me for recommending it. The Green Ember has become a true cult classic for Read-Aloud Revivalers all over the world, regardless of their denomination, their children’s ages, or their parenting style. It’s the story that unites us. Our whole community eagerly awaits whatever S.D. Smith is up to next.”

Sarah Mackenzie, host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, author of Teaching From Rest

“A captivating story with sword-bearing rabbits, daring quests, and moments of poignant beauty, The Green Ember is a tale that will delight and inspire young readers to courage and creativity and would make a perfect book for a family to read aloud.”

Sarah Clarkson, author of Read for the Heart and Caught Up in a Story

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The Green Ember is a fantastic (and fantastical) story. Smith writes a fun, captivating, moving story with all the elements a great story should have.”

Barnabas Piper, author of Help My Unbelief

“I am amazed at the steady, surging enthusiasm for The Green Ember we are seeing. I have seen first hand how the story captivated our family’s imagination and am optimistic about how well the story will do when given a chance with a wider audience.”

John Stonestreet, host of Breakpoint, President of The Colson Center, author, popular speaker

“With very humble beginnings, The Green Ember Series is on course to capture the imagination of millions. I’ve seen it in my own family and am seeing it across the country. S. D. is a gifted storyteller and has a real knack for meeting kids at eye level. I’m thrilled to support whatever S. D. Smith is creating.”

Randall Goodgame, founder: Slugs & Bugs Family Music

“Wreathed in adventure, mystery, betrayal and peril, The Green Ember is at its heart, a tale that champions selfless community, family honor and the importance of deep heritage steeped in meaningful tradition.”

Joe Sutphin, illustrator of Word of Mouse by James Patterson, The Warden And The Wolf King by Andrew Peterson, Dr. Critchlore’s School For Minions by Sheila Grau

“The reason S. D. Smith’s story has caught on and spread so quickly is that it resonates with people of faith and far beyond. The Green Ember is exactly what my audience is hungry for to share with their families. It’s an unfolding epic that has struck a nerve with a growing and eager audience. I’m amazed and excited about how big the audience will be as it picks up more and more traction.”

Sally Clarkson, bestselling author of several books, including Own Your Life and The Life-giving Home

“This is an ‘instant classic.’ That is to say, it shares the same spirit of derring-do involving small characters cast into big adventure against long odds with so many of the stories I’ve loved through the years, from Treasure Island to Watership Down. The Green Ember is about two rabbits, sister Heather and brother Picket, who find themselves caught up in the struggle at the fabric of their world and seek to right some pretty dreadful wrongs. Along the way, they wrestle with their own weaknesses and encounter dastardly deeds, danger, and double-crosses. (Thankfully, no terrifying over-use of alliteration.) It’s entertaining, thought-provoking, beautifully-written, and I’m sure will challenge its young readers to dig deep by inspiring them with both the successes and failures of its lapine protagonists.”

Glenn McCarty, author of The Misadventured Summer of Tumbleweed Thompson (coming 2017)

“For my own children, it has become the most beloved book of their childhood. They have turned our backyard into the their own movie set and play act the story. They live out the story’s exciting adventures day after day. And they are not alone. The Green Ember has captured children’s imaginations across the country.”

Lesli Richards, popular speaker and author of The Homegrown Preschooler and A Year of Playing Skillfully

“I enthusiastically commend The Green Ember. This story resonates with many who long for more stories in the tradition of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the great Christian writers who have appealed so strongly to the imaginations of people of faith and beyond.”

Ivan Mesa, editor for The Gospel Coalition

“This is a wonderful story full of adventure, friendship, betrayal, and redemption. That the characters are Rabbits only adds to the delight, and the pacing sweeps you into a worthwhile tale not to be soon forgotten. The styling, character arcs, pacing, and imagery are all artful and compelling. Beautiful scenes of home, purpose in one’s work, and loyalty are deepened by the honest depictions of exile, the consequences of treachery, bitterness, and fighting for one’s home. Not only a book of action, it’s a thought-provoking tale that glories in the good, the true, and the beautiful.”

Breezy Brookshire, illustrator for Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith

“What a grand adventure! When I first read S. D. Smith’s The Green Ember to my own children, we were instantly smitten. This is a story that we all enjoy again and again for it’s beauty, playfulness, and adventure.”

Kris Camealy, author of Come, Lord Jesus: the Weight of Waiting

“I have known S. D. Smith for many years and I’m delighted to see how his gift for storytelling is gripping a generation of kids who are desperate for stories anchored in hope. The Green Ember really is a new story with an old soul, a tale about heroic hope in a chaotic time. It’s also just the kind of story we need right now.”

Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village, CA, and author of All But Normal

“There is a sincerity in S. D. Smith’s writing that makes the reader feel like they too could be the heroes of their own stories. Like the greats that Smith loves (Tolkien, Lewis, etc.), he tells stories worth knowing. Stories which inform the moral imagination and continue to speak to the reader long after the book has been returned to the shelf.

Sara Masarik, Plumfield and Paideia

“In the tradition of Narnia, The Green Ember tells a story that is fun, captivating, and beautiful…There were moments when the beauty of the story brought me to tears. When my girls would ask me why I was crying, I said, ‘One day you are going to reread this book when you are older, and you will see how beautiful it is.’”

Joshua Hutchens, Gospel Life

The Green Ember: Don’t even get me started! Quite possibly my favorite book of the year, overall. This one is a real page turner. My kids beg me for “just one more chapter” every day. I get hoarse reading this book every day, but we absolutely love it. Not only is the story phenomenal, but the themes and the appreciation of the arts and God’s creation is an underlying theme that just jumps out of the page at you! All children need this book in their life. We adore this book!”

Deana Wood, Redeeming the Days

The Green Ember may be classified as a children’s book, but its appeal is certainly universal. It’s a fantastic read for the entire family to enjoy, and Smith makes his chapter lengths perfect for bedtime reading.”

Eric Landfried, The Phantom Tollbooth

“When the Bard of Redwall passed on, it seemed there would be no more tales of valiant woodland creatures with swords and cloaks. I had been fortunate to meet him once, and mourned his passing as much as the end of the stories. Well, a new author has taken up the pen and created his own story of brave rodents battling impossible odds. A little bit darker than Redwall and with no assurance of a happy ending, this new novel–potentially a series–may appeal to adults and older readers. Very strongly recommended to lovers of fantasy and furry critters.”

Terry M, Amazon Reviewer

“Here’s the best way I can sum up The Green Ember for you: It reads as if Brian Jacques had Sam Gamgee’s famous quote from The Return of the King (‘Is everything sad going to come untrue?’) nailed above his desk while writing a version of Redwall that wasn’t awful. Far from being merely ‘not awful,’ though, Smith’s first novel shows that he truly understands the essentials of storytelling. Ember picks up and rolls, its two young protagonists landing in near-constant peril of some sort or another from the fifth chapter on. Refreshingly, Smith doesn’t defang the subject matter. Combatants die. Conflicts leave lasting scars. Internal politics roil old allies. And the book intentionally refuses to end neatly. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking Joe Abercrombie or George R.R. Martin here. The Green Ember is liberally seasoned with hope (and gorgeous pencil illustrations by Zach Franzen). But whenever the proceedings threaten to become saccharine, Smith tosses a little grit into the pot. The final pages find the characters with swords in their hands and a very long fight ahead of them. Indeed, the only real problem with the novel is its abrupt conclusion. I won’t complain when fantasy authors decide to keep things short. Goodness knows we have too many doorstop-thick titles in the genre. But The Green Ember almost begs for a sequel. Here’s to hoping that Smith pens it someday.”

Loren Eaton, I Saw Lightning Fall

The Green Ember is a wonderful, poignant adventure tale, set in a time of great chaos, with lament of a lost kingdom and hope for a new, peaceful time. Characterized by anthropomorphic rabbits, birds, wolves and other animals, this fresh tale certainly is within the realm of popular fantasy, with this story written for the comprehension level of middle grade readers.

“But what sets this wonderful novel apart are several things. The plot is intricately developed and works very well. When I sat down and thought about it, there is almost a chiastic layout to the plot. For a first time novel, to be that well laid out, yet still not lose sight of the joy of the characters and stories is a great feat. Also, the reader understands the story from the perspectives of the two protagonists, Heather and Pickett, who are complex and young and inexperienced. In a sense, the reader is the third partner here, because nothing is revealed to the reader until it is revealed to these two.

“Also, there are some real moments of wisdom written here, that come across very softly, but effectively. Matters dealing with the nature of evil, the real price of friendship, how different roles and interests play into larger communities, how hope and sadness can often, and sometimes must exist side by side. This is a real story of truth and beauty. There are larger points to be made, but it still remains a good story. The larger points are up to the reader to extrapolate from.

“Readers should see the influence of Lewis and Tolkien, Narnia and Middle Earth, on Smith’s Natalia and his Rabbit Kingdom. Yet Smith has told an entirely original tale, that honors its forebears, but brings new light and skill to tale spinning. And like those earlier works, the reader certainly hopes that future stories will come to further expand and tell more stories, because of the truth and beauty they represent.”

Jason G., Amazon Reviewer

“I can objectively say that this book will provide a dose of literary magic and charm on the same level as the classic Narnia series. I honestly don’t think that’s overstating the quality and strength of this book. It is a rare thing in my opinion to find a children’s/young adult book that offers just as much for an adult reader as it does for the age group it’s specifically targeted for. This is one such book. I whole heartedly recommend it to any reader regardless of age, background or typical literary preference. The storytelling and world creation is not just good, it’s astounding. So astounding in fact, that if you’re not careful as you take this masterpiece of a book in, you might just find yourself regularly on the lookout for cape wearing, sword wielding rabbits everywhere you go!”

Chris Chesley, Amazon Reviewer

“Highly captivating for the whole family. Can’t wait for the sequel!”

Elizabeth K. Dondzila, Amazon Reviewer

“If you’ve ever liked a book, I think you’ll like The Green Ember.”

Jonah Goodgame, 11 years old (see his review)

“My 5-yr old son and 3- and 7-yr. old daughters are all mesmerized and plead for extra chapters when we read together. After even just the first chapter, we knew that this was going to be a rare favorite. It has proven breathlessly thrilling and so much fun, edifying… challenging for all of us. And heartrendingly tender. Beautiful. At times, profound. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don’t miss this.”

Kristin B., Amazon Reviewer

“I read it straight through. The characters are so well-formed and atmosphere so well-described that it played in my mind like a movie.”

Richard A. Cook, Amazon Reviewer

“A great story, written well. It’s full of intrigue, adventure, action, mystery, surprise and struggle, but with a good mixture of humor and playfulness. Written for children but in a way adults will enjoy. The characters (the good guys) depict personal growth, sacrifice, humility, loyalty, trust, wisdom and dedication. The bad guys do what we expect bad guys to do. The story encourages us to visualize a future we cannot see, believe in it and work toward it. Problems are created and resolved. Readers are filled with empathy for those being wronged and disgust for those causing it. You’ll easily recognize and identify with the characters, the strong, the weak, the frustrated and the struggling.”

Ennis Pepper, South Africa

The Green Ember was sheer delight. Escaping into this world of rabbits was a highlight of my Christmas season. I like to read a book with a pencil nearby so that I can mark especially well-written phrases and sentences. There are MANY in this book. This novel is quite creative with unexpected twists and turns. Smith’s ability to develop characters is exceptional. I KNOW THESE RABBITS!”

Betty A. Cole, Amazon Reviewer

“I read this book on my Kindle, then bought the Audible version to listen to in the car with my children, ages eight to 13. We all loved it. Great rabbit characters, lots of excitement, held everyone’s attention. We didn’t want to turn off the audio when we arrived at school each morning, and if I wasn’t firm, they would have all been late to school every day. It’s clean and not terribly violent, although there is fighting between wolves and rabbits. Great talking points when read as a family: loyalty, honesty, trust, betrayal, bravery, empathy… I would recommend to fans of books like Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Guardians of Ga’Hoole, and Watership Down.

Sharon, Amazon Reviewer

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The Black Star of Kingston Reviews

Praise for The Black Star of Kingston

“For readers who loved The Green Ember, well—you’re in luck. S. D. Smith has done it again. The Black Star of Kingston is a book I’ll be shouting about from the rooftops for a long time coming. Jam-packed with harrowing adventure, startling courage, and the luscious vocabulary we all love in Smith’s stories, Black Star will not disappoint!”

Sarah Mackenzie, host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, author of Teaching From Rest

“What a rollicking good story this is. Yes, it’s a children’s story, but it stirs the blood and makes you want to take sword in had to fight alongside the characters in the story. The Black Star of Kingston is not only a children’s book; it is a book to be read by adults to children—for the benefit of both.”

Glynn Young, poet and author of Dancing Priest and A Light Shining

“I loved this book! A much shorter preamble to the beautiful and poignant book, The Green Ember, this is a true high adventure with great characters, suspense, monsters and chilling bravery. A really wonderful treasure.”

Ken Priebe, author of Gnomes of the Cheese Forest (forthcoming)

“Excellent. I love how the characters develop and how quickly you become attached to them. I enjoyed this book for my own sake, but even more so for the sake of my kids. This is the sort of work that stirs their souls to love a good story, and to live a good story.”

Scott James, author of Mission Accomplished and The Expected One

“If your kids like swashbuckling adventure, they’ll love this book. The characters are great and the story is true to S. D. Smith’s tag line, ‘New Stories with an Old Soul.’ I enjoyed getting to know the new cast in this fantastic story! Zach Franzen’s illustrations were excellent additions in this regard. It’s a good, clean, exciting read for the whole family. When it comes to books about talking animals it would seem that a new author has successfully taken up the mantle.”

Tyler Bramwell, author of The Gift and the Defender

“Long, long ago, before Heather and Picket, there was King Whitson and Fleck. Their adventure fills the pages of this slender book with so much excitement and tension that I found myself perched on a folding chair during the few minutes between art classes, frantically snacking with one hand and turning pages with the other. Though I cannot put my finger on exactly why, there was something about this book that I liked even better than The Green Ember. The characters are more mature, the story’s pace is satisfyingly quick (but not too quick), and the action—oh, the action! SD Smith writes it so well that I’m not tempted (as I’m usually tempted) to skim the fight scenes until the story picks up again.”

Thea Rosenburg, Little Book Big Story

The Black Star of Kingston is the first in an expected series of books called ‘The Tales of Old Natalia.’ More novella than novel, it is shorter than The Green Ember, but it is not any less enticing. It takes place a century before the characters in The Green Ember come onto the scene, and you learn essential information about who they are, where they come from, and what they are fighting for. The main character is an ordinary rabbit with no particular recommendation on his character or ability, yet he is called on to try and save king and country in order to preserve a heritage, protect a legacy, and help to create a stability that can last for generations. Like The Green Ember, The Black Star of Kingston is filled with memorable, courageous, and sometimes frightening characters. It is full of all of the elements you would expect in a “new story with an old soul,” such as courage, honor, friendship, loyalty, and of course, truth, goodness, and beauty. It is a hero tale, where the stakes are high and victories are not without losses. And it is a rollicking good adventure story that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat.”

Jaime Showmaker, Plumfield and Paideia

“A lively prequel to The Green Ember with elements of courage, honesty, honor, friendship, and loyalty – all the right ingredients for a story. It’s more of a novella than a full novel, but it sets the stage well and is a fun read.”

Barnabas Piper, author of Help My Unbelief

“I read this aloud to my son. We were supposed to go outside, but he wanted me to read Blackstar. We were supposed to play board games, but he wanted me to read more Blackstar. He asked how long the dishes would take so that I could get back to reading Blackstar to him. Notice a pattern? As I was finishing up the book, I noticed my son jumping onto chairs and couches and puffing out his chest. I recall doing the same as a boy when I was inspired by a story in a book or film. I suddenly felt I had the courage and skill of the hero I’d just witnessed perform his heroic acts, and I was swept away into imagining I was a part of that story.

May we have many more stories that sweep us away the way Blackstar did my son!”

Jonathan Aman

“Another great story from S.D. Smith, his prequel to The Green Ember. Smith has created a world for his readers, and that world has a history, a history that must be told. The Black Star of Kingston is one of the stories from that history. Once you’ve read The Green Ember, you will want to read this story to know more about the world of Heather and Picket. And you will be glad you did, and entertained for having done so.”

M. G. Bianco, author of Letters To My Sons: A Human Vision for Human Relationships

“A short, heartwarming read with absolutely enchanting illustrations, The Black Star of Kingston belongs on the shelf of every fan of The Green Ember.”

Gretchen Louise, Kindred Grace

“This book has a great heart, very well-written action, some superb suspense (one subplot had a feel very like the smoke monster from LOST), several heartwarming moments between a father and his young son, a regular-guy hero, a host of complex characters (much more complex than I tend to expect in kid lit), and a stirring, satisfying ending. The first couple of chapters were a little slow, but the kids weren’t phased by this at all, and once the story gets going there’s no stopping it… I cried more than once during my first reading.”

Laure Hittle

“More please! I thoroughly enjoyed The Green Ember and now I’m so glad S.D. Smith continued his series. Rather, added to his series since this is not a sequel but a prequel. It was more of the same excellent writing. A swashbuckling adventure story about loyalty, sacrifice, and friendship that somehow makes us want to be better people.”

Rebecca Lloyd

“Really enjoyed this backstory. Great story — Simple, plot driven, adventure, that fills color into Smith’s universe. Love how this world is filling out.”

Bryan Zug

“Another excellent book for a read-aloud with the kids. Where were these books when I was a kid? It is rare to stumble across books that both entertain me and the kids. This is one that does both with ease.”

Rich Dowbrowoski

“S. D. Smith is remarkable. He is not the most complex, flashy and high brow writer I have loved, but he has to be one of the most humble and honest storytellers I have let into my heart. His writing style is beautiful and compelling and I see much of C. S. Lewis in it. His tender and moral stories come from a deeply held love of his audience and a skill honed by the classic authors who nourished his soul. His classics-loving style and tender care for those who will engage with the story work magic on the reader’s heart.”

Sara Masarik, Plumfield and Paidea

“A beautiful story that keeps the whole family engaged!”

Elizabeth Hawbaker, Amazon Reviewer

“For a tale to be a classic, it has to transcend time. It has to reach out across the generations and appeal to each one as it did the last. It has to be full of timeless truths well-folded into the story, so that the reader is encouraged and emboldened by the heroes. Truth. Goodness. Beauty. Loyalty. The worthiness to fight for what is good and right. All these are woven into the fabric of The Green Ember storyline, and especially so in The Black Star of Kingston, the “prequel” or backstory to the series’ eponymous first volume. This is a tale that is truly classic.”

Steven R. Robertson, Amazon Reviewer

“I, and my kids, have been absolutely thrilled with The Green Ember and have enjoyed this novella just as much! It has added depth to The Green Ember, and leaves us longing for the next part of the story – even though this book is completely appropriate as a stand alone. Rabbits, bravery, endurance, swords, ships, monsters, a king that leads with service, and a prince that is a child – this just has all the best things. It’s absolutely refreshing, and quite a page turner.”

Jennifer Raymond, Amazon Reviewer

“I purchased this on my kindle immediately after finishing the last sentence of the Green Ember with my sons. We picked up the next day, eager for more of the adventure and excitement we knew was to come. We were not to be disappointed. S.D. Smith did it again and I can’t help but think that the world needs more heroes like these. The only complaint I can think of with this one is that there wasn’t more of it! As an ebook, I hadn’t realized how much shorter this one was and there were groans all around when we realized it was over! (Good problem to have). Can’t wait for the next installment in the Green Ember saga.”

Alison Anne, Amazon Reviewer

“Love this little prequel to The Green Ember! The chapters are relatively short which makes it a wonderful book for younger readers to handle themselves. It also makes for perfect bedtime reading. It’s companion book, The Green Ember, still holds the top spot, but Black Star still sails high above most young reader books on the market. Don’t be fooled, because older readers will thoroughly enjoy the read, too.”

R. Beeson, Amazon Reviewer

“Big win for my reluctant reader! S.D. Smith’s world of rabbits with swords is captivating. I have three children (16, 13, 11 yo) who love stories, but my middle child–the one who doesn’t interact with books that he’s not required to read–devoured this story and then proceeded to craft all sorts of creative art projects to accompany it. So as far as we can tell, S.D. Smith is some sort of word wizard. And he’s faithful to truth and grace, and the big story that unites us all. We are hooked on these characters and their adventures!”

Karen Buck, Amazon Review

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Praise for Ember Falls

“This book does for The Green Ember what The Empire Strikes Back did for Star Wars.”

Glenn McCarty, author of The Misadventured Summer of Tumbleweed Thompson (coming 2017)

“Strong storytelling and noble themes make this a great family read-aloud.”

J. B. Cheaney, author of I Don’t Know How the Story Ends, Redeemed Reader, World Magazine

“A tremendous book. After my family and I enjoyed The Green Ember so much, I had high hopes for this sequel. It far exceeded my expectations. It’s a great story, well written, and it left me begging for book 3.”

Scott James, author of Mission Accomplished and The Expected One

“I just finished reading an advance copy of Ember Falls by S.D. Smith, and it is magnificent!….If you are looking for your next read-aloud series, you’ve just found it.”

Carolyn Leiloglou, House Full of Bookworms

“It’s a delightful story, and it can be read aloud to a children’s audience (or an adult one, for that matter). It’s action-packed, full of near misses and near hits, acts of courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and riveting scenes of anguish and confrontation.”

Glynn Young, poet and author of Dancing Priest and A Light Shining

With more action and character development in this installment, both boys and girls will find much to love.”

Emily Whitten, World Magazine

“Just like The Green Ember before it, Ember Falls is a story that nourishes the moral imagination and fills the soul with Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. The Green Ember has been called ‘a new story with an old soul,’ and this newest installment is that as well. It is timeless, but it is also very much a book for our times. In spite of the fact that the main characters are rabbits, Ember Falls is truly a story about what it means to be human.

Jaime Showmaker, Plumfield and Paideia

“My 6 year old son and I read this together and it moved us both to the core. Ember Falls takes all of the beautiful characters and story of The Green Ember and weaves them into a deeper narrative that reflects honor, bravery, and hope in the midst of loss. The beauty in this book is everything I hope my three sons learn to cherish in their hearts as they grow into young men.

We loved The Green Ember, but we were changed by Ember Falls. These books are on our shelf next to Narnia, that alone is a review in itself.

Read this to your children. Please read it with them! Share in the pain and truth and goodness with them….your family culture will be greatly enriched.”

E. Kate Cole, Amazon Reviewer

“Smith, once again, delivered a wonderful story. It is fun, it is fast, it is moving – in short all that an adventure story should be.”

Barnabas Piper, author of Help My Unbelief

“Absolutely fantastic story! Will read over and over and highly recommend it. Read it aloud to my 5 and 7 year olds and had the opportunity to greatly expand their vocabulary, talk about important life issues (such as emotions, consequences for our actions, dealing with hurt, perseverance, and living with courage), and truly dig deep into the plot and characters of a wonderful story. I think that my kids are on the lower age group of those who will enjoy this series. Can’t wait for more stories from this author!”

Emily Nelson, Amazon Reviewer

“The world Smith has created is chock full of key elements that make up a great tale—striking, multifaceted landscapes in an alluring world, a gripping narrative full of heroism and excitement, and of course, brave, adventurous rabbits! S. D. Smith has a distinct gift for old-fashioned storytelling of the finest sort.”

Joel Clarkson, narrator, composer, and author

“I have no doubt this will be the next great children’s series. I haven’t loved any books this much since Harry Potter.”

Stephanie L., Amazon Reviewer

“This book was even better than the first. This series is a must read for all ages! I couldn’t put is down!”

Emily Wassum, Amazon Reviewer

“This sequel does not disappoint. We thought The Green Ember would go down in history as our family’s favorite read-aloud, but Ember Falls has jumped into first place. We are a bookish family (two English-teacher parents and five book-loving kids), and Ember Falls is loved by all of us. Read this book!”

Red, Amazon Reviewer

“I can’t get enough of The Green Ember Series. I am reading them out loud to my kids (7 year old daughter, 6 year old son) and am just as captivated with the books as they are. I recommend these books more than any other kids’ books that are out there.”

Rick Dobrowski, Amazon Reviewer

“Everything was suspended in our home while this was read out loud to my sweet kids. They and I loved it from start to finish!”

Erin E. Sipherd, Amazon Reviewer

“Wow. THANK YOU to this author for writing these books. Our kids can’t wait for bedtime to read the next few chapters every night, and never want us to stop reading. There is something just so special about these books, and I can’t put into words just how readable, relevant, and good they are…This one is more nuanced than the first book, and I would venture to say, even better. It is not predictable, either. The kids pick up on the nuance, the foreboding, and they feel the longing for resolution. The heroes are believable enough for kids and grownups to relate to. We just can’t get enough of these books.”

Katharine H, Amazon Reviewer

The Green Ember saga has captivated the hearts of my sons. We had read The Green Ember and its prequel aloud as a family and they have listened to the audio recordings of both multiple times since. As you can imagine, we were waiting with baited breath for this next installment in the quest for the Mended Wood. There were shouts of joy and jumping up and down when it arrived in the mail as a kickstarter fulfillment a few weeks ago and all productivity for the rest of the day ceased. We ‘had’ to stop everything and read. Over the top enthusiasm for great books of heroic virtue and valor in the fight against evil in the hearts of my 7 and 5 year old boys, what more could a mom hope for when it comes to the books celebrated in our home? I could not recommend Ember Falls more.”

Alison Anne, Amazon Reviewer

“We love this book. Our family have been fans of S. D. Smith since the release of The Green Ember and enjoyed the short story that followed. This follow up is simply amazing. Smith adds depth to the characters he introduced us to and doesn’t insult his young audience by making everything clean and easy for the forces of good. Doing right comes at a cost and Smith brings this truth with simple, beautiful prose to children and parents alike.

“The development of this series is beautiful and balanced in this book. Scenes in gardens and infirmaries are as poignant and wisdom filled as the battle scenes are vivid and exhilarating. Smith grew the beloved characters from The Green Ember while introducing great new players in this wonderful drama. Simply a great follow up to the original and I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Brandon, Amazon Reviewer

“Do yourself a favor and start with The Green Ember and quickly follow with Ember Falls…it will become and instant classic in your home, as it has in ours! Now we have the hard task of waiting a while to find out what happens to Picket, Heather, Emma, and all our friends in Natalia!”

Joseph P. Sorenson, Amazon Reviewer

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