S. D. Smith’s NEW BOOK is Here! ♟️

Dear Friends,

I have been pouring my heart into this adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you! Green Ember fans will love it. It’s a noble-hearted story that isn’t trapped in time or trendy politics, but features classic virtue and moral imagination.

Trust me. Give Jack a chance!

This is the story that my son and I have created together over many, many months.

Trust me.

The things you love about Green Ember are present in Jack Zulu! In fact, these new adventures are, in many ways, the result of what I’ve learned writing ten Green Ember books.

I am asking you to give this a try. I am delighted with what my son, Josiah, and I co-created in these two books. Your family will love them!

And to give you every incentive to give Jack a chance, we’re offering both books (plus the genuinely excellent audiobook of Jack 1) for $25!


Just for you, we’re going to cut $5 off even that low price. So you can get $46 worth of storytelling awesomeness for a mere $20 when you use this coupon at checkout: JACK.

jack zulu launch deal

I love this book! Your family—boys and girls—will too! Here’s our launch video. (Email it to your JZ or Ember-loving pals!)

Jack Zulu and the Girl With Golden Wings is the second book in the Jack Zulu trilogy.

jack zulu escape into reality

Thank you for giving us a chance and supporting us on day one. I can’t thank you enough.

This is a story I believe in deeply, one I’m delighted to share with your family. Like I said, this is the result of me (along with my son, Josiah) giving my best and investing so much heart and hard work into a manuscript.

I think this is my best writing so far.

Collaborating with my son, I am absolutely thrilled with the result. I’m over the moon about sharing this brand new story (with an old soul) with you!

We’re on your side,



  1. Wow! I can’t believe it’s here! Ever since I read Jack Zulu’s first book I couldn’t wait for the next
    one. I can’t wait to read it thank you so much! Great work as always!
    P.S – I’ve read every single one of your books. I’m a huge fan of both you and your son.

  2. I have been waiting so long since I finished Jack Zulu for the next book and I can’t believe it’s finally here! I really love all your books. I’ve read and reread all of them several times and just can’t get enough! I love the Green Ember and owe it and you so much. I used to hate reading but it was the Green Ember that changed that. Now I read all day and am know to read four hundred page books in a day! All because of one book. Thank you so much Sam! *High Five!*

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