In-Person Workshop with S. D. Smith + FREE Writing Challenge Happening Now

Hey Friends,

Just wanted to tell you about some great writing resources for the aspiring author in your life, starting with this opportunity from The Young Writer: the FREE writing challenge happening now, May 8-15.

  • Watch a 10-minute video from a variety of experienced authors (you’ll see me!) on how to best include key story ingredients.
  • Fill out a worksheet that walks you through how to use that story ingredient effectively.
  • Give and receive feedback with other participants in the private, moderated community.

If you like what you see during this free week, I invite you to check out their full program (enrollment opens next week).

For those writers not quite ready for YWW, check out my course: The Green Writer. It’s my audacious invitation to writers who aspire to create and share good stories.

But wait, there’s more!

The next tour stop in June brings us to HEAV, a homeschool convention in Virginia. In addition to Green Ember Live and two breakout sessions, I will be hosting two 3-hour long workshops alongside Josiah DeGraaf, an experienced writing coach at YWW, aimed at equipping young writers on their journeys to complete stories they’re proud of. Learn more here.

That’s all for now! Talk soon,



  1. I am to be frank disappointed in your series of “The Green Ember.” You had nothing that points to Christ, Salvation, or God in general at all. To think you had such an awesome opportunity squandered. To share the truth with so many, and radically change so many lives for Jesus. It is shame that you never did with the Green Ember. It is still not to late to point people toward Jesus! Make something of your life not a book series that will be forgotten in the eternal kingdom, that didn’t acknowledge or point to Jesus. God have you a wonderful gift to use for his glory and not for yourself. Please don’t repeat the same mistake that you will regret, if not already. Glorify Jesus use your books to honor the true hero and Savior! Now is the time before it’s too late!

    1. Look a little deeper, and you can see many similarities between the Green Ember series and Christianity, here are just a few examples:
      Smalls dies for the cause but resurrects, Jesus died for our sins, conquered sin and rose from the dead 3 days later.
      The Mended Wood is Heaven, which the rabbits in the book(and us here on earth!) are constantly sacrificing to try to attain.
      There are many more analogies in the books, I will leave you to go and find them all out yourself! Never just look at the outer shell of something in life, you should always go further and find out the true meaning behind it.

      God bless you!

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