Surely a Green Ember Movie (and/or Series) Needs to Happen, Right?

I hear this from fans all the time. And I agree. There are so many cool ways to bring great projects to the screen. We are working with some amazing folks who are keen to do that with The Green Ember. Surely, if people are out here making a Peeps movie, we should get The Green Ember franchise kicked off. Am I right?

A Peeps movie? Okee-dokee!

My personal preference would be to eat peeps and watch a Green Ember film. But maybe I’m in the minority there.

Though all doors are open, it may not be a traditional route for us. We are considering lots of cool options and taking our time. If you are a wealthy person who might consider investing in our project, get in touch. There’s no pressure at all, but we do have some exciting options lining up. Like our books, we are committed to the highest possible standards for this–animation and writing and music and acting, all of it. We won’t say yes to a crummy deal. We are thinking more like Star Wars than the Peeps movie.

(Nothing against Peeps. It’ll probably go on to be the next Casablanca.)

Pray for us, if you would, and we will let you know when we have something definite to share!


  1. YES to Green Ember movies. NO to eating Peeps. Or watching them. Or anything related to them. Loads of popcorn with fruit loops mixed in, now THAT we would enjoy with Green Ember movies. My kids have been talking about the possibility of movies with their other die-hard GE friends for years! We’re praying and rooting for you!

        1. I read your books literaly everyday and are all i ever talk about 4 real ask my friends and fam it is my fave series and to anyone who asks (and doesent ask) i tell them it is the G.O.A.T of all great fantasy books and tell them they need to read them m in highschool but still love them I look up like every day GREEN EMBER MOVIE pleeeeeease
          I write fanfic for it and draw fanart

          -an overly obsesed fan anna

          1. Omg, same. I have a whole binder of green ember drawings, and my whole docs is green ember fanfic!!

      1. Maybe reach out to Angel studios and see if they would be interested. They have turned the Wingfeather Saga into a series.

        1. I totally agree! Angel Studios would be an amazing opportunity to do The Green Ember movies with. In Order to propose a future project tho, they require you to have a ‘pilot’ or ‘Torch’ as they call it, to present. Angel Studios is a Christian oriented film studio that is crowd funded, so people are literally voting with their money what they want to see, and paying members of the Angel Guild get to actually vote on potential projects. I know this sounds like an ad for Angel Studios, but please please, please reach out to them about the Green Ember movies! It would be AWESOME! look what they did with Wingfeather Saga! Also the Author or Wingfeather was heavily involved with the making of the show.

        2. I would disagree, yes it’s nice that Angel studios studios was willing to create without buying the rights, but from watching the first season the quality is low and demines the books in a way. (No offense to WSF, great books, the show just didn’t come out with the same feeling the books gave.)

          1. I understand where you are coming from, but personally I don’t mind it too much. I can’t really imagine it live acted anyhow.

  2. This is beyond exciting!! My family would absolutely love watching Green Ember movies! Praying for wonderful investors to come in and make this dream a reality!

      1. I’m a student filmmaker, and I love the Green Ember. It would probably be of zero practicality, at least until I’m 17 or 18, but I would love to help with this film. It would be good work experience, and I would probably learn alot. So far I only have experience from my projects, and knowledge from my books, so real experience would be great (I could probably voice a few soldiers or something as well). But, as I said, it probably wouldn’t be of any practicality for a few years.

        1. I feel the exact same way. Will be going to college soon (I’m a senior in HS) for either film or acting and the first time I read the books I wanted it to be a series/movie and be a part of it. The books are so cinematic because the characters are so full of expression. Hope it happens!

    1. Maybe reach out to Angel studios and see if they would be interested. They have turned the Wingfeather Saga into a series.

  3. We need an epic movie series to look forward to, and Green Ember would be at the top of the list. Well, maybe just after the Peeps movie. Kidding.

  4. What about a kickstarter project to really get this going? I’m sure you could come up with quite a few levels of support, maybe master Eddy Efaw would pitch in at a certain level, etc and you could raise the funds to make a movie or series YOUR way: Star Wars level, not peeps level 🙂

  5. A Green Ember series or movie would be a dream come true! If you ever need a character designer, concept artist or animator just let me know! Though I am currently an amateur I am working hard to master the trade. Such a priceless story would be an honor to see as an animation!

  6. I’m told by my kids that my Helmer voice is perfect… so, hey, there you go. To replicate, start with the voice of Mr. Nezzar from Veggietales and add a bit of a drawl.

  7. Totally in to be a character voice… Helmer? Uncle Wilfred? Read all the books to our kids with unique voices the best I could.

  8. If you consider doing a kickstarter or other program where all of us fans could donate what we could afford to help get the movie going, maybe that would help a little until you get a wealthy investor.

  9. Are you SERIOUS?! I have NEVER wanted to be a millionaire more than I do RIGHT NOW! We’d send you every penny you need! A Green Ember MOVIE?? We have talked about this for some time now…my children have imagined the scenes over and over. One things I will say, my daughter desperately hopes the movie will not destroy the story like some book to movie scenarios do.
    Praying that Green Ember hits the big screen! (and that we become millionaires so that we can help fund it!)

    1. YES! Your daughter is right. A lot of movies are really terrible compared to their books and even manage to mess up the story! I really hope that if (hopefully when) they make a Green Ember movie/series that they don’t mess it up. I don’t think that S. D. Smith would let them make a bad version though.

  10. I love the idea of a movie. I’ve read the series at least two times, and would love it put into action. (especially the battles)

  11. We would LOVE to see this happen! I wonder if Angel Studios might be able to help. They’ve produced the new hit series The Chosen in a unique and successful way.

    1. I LOVE that series! They managed to make it very accurate and not cheesy like other Jesus films/series. It would be really cool if Angel Studios would help make this.

      1. Yeah. Angel Studios is currently doing something similar, bringing Andrew Peterson’s The Wingfeather Saga to the screen as an animated series. Angel has really good crowdfunding options — you might want to consider them.

        1. Sadly, I thought The Wingfeather Saga on screen was somewhat a bust. (No hate to Andrew Peterson, the series was AMAZING. Green Ember fans should read it if they don’t know what to read next.) I’m hoping if Green Ember does come to screen, the animations and voice actors are phenomenal. The book series definitely was!

  12. That would be AWESOME! I would totally donate to that! I can’t wait to see what Helmer, Picket, Heather, Emma, Cole, Jo, and Heyna look like! I’ve been hoping for a Green Ember movie ever since I read the Last Archer! (I accidentally read that first, was confused, and realized there was a book one). So looking forward to it!!

    1. I would also donate all of my meager savings for this movie/tv series. It would be the best show EVER!!! I will pray that yall find enough money to make this happen (hopefully) soon. I love these books, and I wish sometimes that I could be a rabbit and go to Natalia and live there forever! (Reality can be boring sometimes, as you can probably tell by the way I gave myself a cooler name.)

  13. My siblings and I are all super excited at this becoming a possibility! I will be praying for you and everyone else involved and for His will to be done and the necessary doors to open for you. God bless you!

  14. A movie would be amazing! (my brothers volunteer as the voices of Picket, Jo, and Smalls ?)

    P.S. Pleeeease get Andrew Peterson to do the music!! If he can make a version of The Mended Wood with a feel similar to My Love Has Gone Across The Sea, I will donate everything I have! The songs in the books lend themselves to a film so well, it would be great to get them done really nicely. That and Picket’s voice. ?

    God bless you and your family! Praying for this project!

  15. I would LOVE to see a green ember movie series with the same CGI style as Peter Rabbit. I think that that would be absolutely amazing!

  16. Hewo S. D. (Is it cool if I call you that?)! Anyway, OH MY GOSH YES to the movies and or tv series!!! My one plea is that the movies/tv series include all the parts of the book(s). For instance (no hate here ☺) Alice in wonderland (the classic one) doesn’t include the chef lady who almost cooks the little pig/baby.

    But totally yes to the making of this!!

  17. i have been praying and hoping that a green ember movie i would be happy to do any young male voices. . PS. . PLEASE MAKE IT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT . . praying for you and your family

  18. I think Helmer should sound like the old donkey from The Star. I just imagined him with that kinda attitude, and I think it make a great Helmer if you could get something similar.

    1. Angel Studios is doing a few other similar series/movies-have you heard of them? My kids would probably spend all their (and some of my husband and my) money to see this happen.

  19. Please let us know if this is in the works! I think this would be awesome but MUST be of super high quality!!! Have you pitched to Bad Robot?

  20. A Green Ember Movie would be 1,000 times better than a peeps movie. Let’s see it happen! What would a peeps movie even be about?

  21. The Green Ember Series changed our family reading nights. I remember the first time I read the first book. Prior to this series we would jump around from Little Critter to the Berenstain Bears, and whatever else the kids would argue over. My wife read the first two chapters (one a night) and asked me to fill in on the third night. We read the third chapter, and I was hooked. This is a feat for me as I am a movie guy and had not enjoyed reading for years (too many technical manuals and white papers in college). I read the fourth chapter that night and from then on we would vary between 2-4 chapters a night. Once we finished the canon, we started reading the supporting stories. I have enjoyed this series as it brought joy back to reading. We moved on to the Wingfeather series and I am glad to see it become an animated series. I would love to see the Green Ember on the TV. Good luck and I (we) will be waiting. Thank you!

  22. Hi! Im Jordyn, a 14 year old girl who is obsessed with this book set! A green ember movie? Awesome! I am currently re-reading the whole series and it is EXTREMELY hard to put down!(and I have read them twice, so that’s saying something.) Hope you can make this happen. Praying for it!

  23. I would LOVE a Green Ember movie! Personally I’d love to voice Heyna or Weezie or Emma. I love acting and the green ember series is the best!

  24. A Green Ember movie would be the best thing ever!!!
    Also, could I voice Emma?
    I’ll pray for funds for the movie.
    And thank you for making this happen. (Yippee!)

    1. Hey, not trying to discursive you, but I don’t think this is a good time to kick of a voice acting career. Maybe a better thing to talk about would be what voice actors should we use. For instance, Chris prat would be good for Cole Joe or perkinson. Also tom Holland would be perfect for smalls when using his British voice.

  25. YES!!! A Green Ember film (whether it be a movie or series) needs to happen! No to peeps in general and yes to an epic film with a whole lot of truths! (Which we need more of in the movie industry.) I really am hoping this can one day become a reality!

  26. Also, if you are still looking for a partner to make this happen, Angel Studios might be a good option. They’re a non-profit movie studio that makes clean and Christian movies. They also partnered with Andrew Peterson to create another adaptation of a great book series that needed to happen, the Wingfeather Saga.
    Here’s their website:

    Bear the Flame! 😀

  27. Wow, a Green Ember movie? That sounds like an amazing idea! I hope it becomes a reality. Praying for you.

  28. If you ever do end up making a Green Ember movie or series, I’m working on fulfilling my career of voice-acting . . . I’d love to audition, if at all possible, and if this ever happens (which I’m sure it will soon!).

  29. I have loved the Green Ember and its resemblance to what happens in the future for christians.The love and humility the characters show, touches my heart.When I read The Green Ember, it was like I was living in the story. You have enspired me for writing my own book.I want them to feel what the characters are feeling,I want it to capture there hearts the way your stories did.I love them! People have said I’m good at acting and It’s been my dream to be an actress.My favorite character is Heather! God bless you! Praying!

  30. Yes, on Angel Studios!I would love them to look realistic! .I am reading to my sisters,The Green Ember, and they love them! I love making my voice sound different for each character!

  31. I love acting and I think I’m pretty good. I have a pretty voice and I really want to be in a movie. If you need a side character…?
    Jacks maybe? I can voice a boy!
    Also, I can do a great English accent!

  32. You should look into asking the daily wire if they would make it into a movie. They just put out their new children content app and I bet they would love to have it.

    1. John doe, YOU are a failure, you have nothing better to do with your day then to argue with people better than yourself.

      1. I am so sorry John, I didn’t mean it, I meant to delete it before it sent, I understand you have a different opinion then me and I can agree with you in some ways, please accept my sincere apologies, I am a child and can’t control my temper, I did find your comment helpful in some ways, I am sorry, you don’t need to reply. It’s simply just me saying sorry, and I didn’t mean it, I hope you can forgive me.

    2. I absolutely agree. I dont know if they will bring the animators, but they will for sure bring the money, the platform, and the attention. AnoTher option is angel studios, which is the same company doing the series adaption of the wing feather saga.

  33. Hi S.D Smith, I am 12 years old and I LOVE your books, I laughed and cried through the book and I can’t recommend this book enough for people who love a good story book, you have been the BEST inspiration for me, it feels like you created a masterpiece of rabbits who have a good attitude whether it is a good or a bad time, thanks to you I am currently writing my own book series, and I hope to measure up to half as good as your books for it to be a big achievement, I never thought I could cry from a book, your books have told me so much in life, especially to be a better person, I am the only person in my family that likes (or even reads) books, and a movie would be amazing, I will watch it every night, so thank you for everything you taught me,


    1. You are precious, Taya. I’m so glad the books have been a blessing.

      I hope you go on to read Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Gary D. Schmidt and many more.

      All the best on your writing journey!

      God bless you and keep, and give you grace and peace and joy.

  34. I would LOVE to play Heather!!! I do drama camp so I have some experience. I love the idea of a movie series! I think it would be really cool if you did almost a cgi type thing for the characters, kind of like Gollum in LOTR or Davy Jones in POTC.❤️

  35. I adore your work and the books, every single one of them(but especially Ember’s End😭) really moved me. Keep up the amazing work!

  36. you sould contact ANGEL* studios they did a show for the wingfeather saga another book I anjoy
    *difinitly NOT as much as I enjoy the gree ember tho
    My brother thinks ur books are boring and I have no Idea how
    I freaked when he said that I was like THEY ARE THE COMPLETED OPPOSITE OF BORING!

  37. Loved the Ember series! Read them all this summer and I now I’m trying to get my siblings into reading them as well, lol. I don’t know which studio or what plans you have for the series movie/TV wise but I know the daily wire has it’s kid’s content “Bentkey app” but there’s some people also saying that “Angel studios” is a good one as well but if it ever does come in production, wherever or whoever it goes I hope it goes well for you and thank you for the book series!!

  38. yesssssssssss I listened to this series 4 ever. I litterally listen to it on my Alexa 24/7! I’ve gotten into the habit of saying “Alexa read the green amber!”
    I really need a series on this on the tv. If only I had the money to donate. I listened to it so much I thing that my dog learned English beause of it :)!!!

  39. Oh My Word, me and my family have been dreaming about Green Ember books as movies! It would probably be the best movie series ever, and I agree that it would be the best thing ever if was as close to the book as possible. The book has words, right? So that could be the script. I was also thinking about those great movies about Peter Rabbit that have recently come out. I was already going to like, write a letter to them about considering Green Ember movies (since they, you know, know how to do rabbits). Though, that would be really hard since they are like, an ACTUAL movie company. Worth a shot though. I love reading your books and I’m always so sad when I finish them. If these 4 books were turned into 4 movies, I think I would die. 😉 P.S. I would save my money up to donate to make this thing happen. I really hope it can!

    1. I was also thinking about how some movies significantly change the movies, and I too came to the conclusion that the books should be the script! Thank you for saying that!!!

  40. Even I have like, no experience, I think it would be cool to voice Weezie, Emma, Or Heather (really most of the female roles), I can also do an English accent. I definitely don’t practice all the time 😉 I desperately hope that if this were to happen, it would be completely accurate to the books. So many great books have had trashy movies because the film makers wanted to change it to “make it better”. I personally think they don’t know what “better” is, and I’m sad that my expectations after reading books and then watching the movies are usually very low. If this series were made into a COMPLETLY accurate series, I would probably cry. These books transport me to a different world, and I am so glad that they were written. Good luck!
    (I forgot to put this all in my previous post so I’m doing it now)

  41. I can do English/british, Irish, Russian, Norwegian, southern, French, and Canadian accents btw:) plus I can cry on command.

  42. I love the green ember books they are all ready great as books, but as a movie it would make the series one hundred times better and I would totally recommend using angle studios if you can.

  43. On thing that always seemed like an interesting possibility is a live action adaption. Its just a thought, but an it resting adaption

  44. For theme, or credits if they are movies not seiries. This is a great song, and goes perfectly with the themes and sayings of the books: carry the fire, by Andrew Peterson.

  45. We need a Green Ember show or movie desperately!! I’m literally listening to Ember Falls right now for the third time through the series, and I found article by googling it there would be a Green Ember show! We need one NOW!! Maybe with Angel Studios m, or something like that.

  46. YES!! I completely agree! Such a HUGE fan! Believe it or not–not to brag or anything–but I live surprisingly close to Zach Franzen, the great illustrator of this great book, and maybe instead of 3d animation, it could be 2d, like the old-fashioned way. I’m not the most experienced in animation but I have my fair share of knowledge, and I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember!

    1. an animation style like “Bad Guys” or “Puss in Boots the last wish” would be incredible.

  47. I love the green ember sooo much I don’t really know what to say. I listened to all the books on audible during lockdown and I still listen to them now after hearing the story repeatedly, they are an endless joy! I haven’t been able to read them until recently as I live in England and it’s been difficult to get the books but now I’m in the middle of reading the first one and the illustrations are incredible. ( Also Joel Clarkson is an amazing narrator) Thank you so much for writing these books and a film would be one of the best things I would ever see, I think angel studios would do a brilliant job.

  48. i think that angel would be the most likely to agree, but their quality sadly isn’t that high. for instance, i think they kind of botched the wingfeather saga. it told the story well, but that kind of animation wouldn’t do the green ember justice.

  49. YES!!! A Green Ember TV series or set of films needs to happen!! I could see it in the same kind of style as the film Watership Down, I personally think that could work well. Angel Studios may be the best route to take as mentioned before, but also they don’t have the BEST budget as they mostly rely on funds from supporters. However, it seems like you have a lot of supporters for this 😉 (Also, I don’t mind the animation for the Wingfeather Saga show)

  50. So…. It would appear I’m late to the party. But I’d LOVE a Green Ember series! In my short life (I’m fifteen) I have learned almost nothing is impossible, If I can find an otter in my backyard (Not kidding) Then the Green Ember can become a movie! #RabbitsWithPeeps

  51. I’m a Fanfic writer I have wanted to write a Green Ember Fanfic for a while now may I have your premission MR.Smith ?

  52. I’m a Fanfic writer (age 18) I have wanted to write a Green Ember Fanfic for a while now may I have your premission to do so MR.Smith ?It would touch more on the voyage from the Golden Coast .

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