Surely a Green Ember Movie (and/or Series) Needs to Happen, Right?

I hear this from fans all the time. And I agree. There are so many cool ways to bring great projects to the screen. We are working with some amazing folks who are keen to do that with The Green Ember. Surely, if people are out here making a Peeps movie, we should get The Green Ember franchise kicked off. Am I right?

A Peeps movie? Okee-dokee!

My personal preference would be to eat peeps and watch a Green Ember film. But maybe I’m in the minority there.

Though all doors are open, it may not be a traditional route for us. We are considering lots of cool options and taking our time. If you are a wealthy person who might consider investing in our project, get in touch. There’s no pressure at all, but we do have some exciting options lining up. Like our books, we are committed to the highest possible standards for this–animation and writing and music and acting, all of it. We won’t say yes to a crummy deal. We are thinking more like Star Wars than the Peeps movie.

(Nothing against Peeps. It’ll probably go on to be the next Casablanca.)

Pray for us, if you would, and we will let you know when we have something definite to share!


  1. YES to Green Ember movies. NO to eating Peeps. Or watching them. Or anything related to them. Loads of popcorn with fruit loops mixed in, now THAT we would enjoy with Green Ember movies. My kids have been talking about the possibility of movies with their other die-hard GE friends for years! We’re praying and rooting for you!

  2. This is beyond exciting!! My family would absolutely love watching Green Ember movies! Praying for wonderful investors to come in and make this dream a reality!

  3. We need an epic movie series to look forward to, and Green Ember would be at the top of the list. Well, maybe just after the Peeps movie. Kidding.

  4. What about a kickstarter project to really get this going? I’m sure you could come up with quite a few levels of support, maybe master Eddy Efaw would pitch in at a certain level, etc and you could raise the funds to make a movie or series YOUR way: Star Wars level, not peeps level 🙂

  5. A Green Ember series or movie would be a dream come true! If you ever need a character designer, concept artist or animator just let me know! Though I am currently an amateur I am working hard to master the trade. Such a priceless story would be an honor to see as an animation!

  6. I’m told by my kids that my Helmer voice is perfect… so, hey, there you go. To replicate, start with the voice of Mr. Nezzar from Veggietales and add a bit of a drawl.

  7. Totally in to be a character voice… Helmer? Uncle Wilfred? Read all the books to our kids with unique voices the best I could.

  8. If you consider doing a kickstarter or other program where all of us fans could donate what we could afford to help get the movie going, maybe that would help a little until you get a wealthy investor.

  9. Are you SERIOUS?! I have NEVER wanted to be a millionaire more than I do RIGHT NOW! We’d send you every penny you need! A Green Ember MOVIE?? We have talked about this for some time now…my children have imagined the scenes over and over. One things I will say, my daughter desperately hopes the movie will not destroy the story like some book to movie scenarios do.
    Praying that Green Ember hits the big screen! (and that we become millionaires so that we can help fund it!)

    1. YES! Your daughter is right. A lot of movies are really terrible compared to their books and even manage to mess up the story! I really hope that if (hopefully when) they make a Green Ember movie/series that they don’t mess it up. I don’t think that S. D. Smith would let them make a bad version though.

  10. I love the idea of a movie. I’ve read the series at least two times, and would love it put into action. (especially the battles)

  11. We would LOVE to see this happen! I wonder if Angel Studios might be able to help. They’ve produced the new hit series The Chosen in a unique and successful way.

    1. I LOVE that series! They managed to make it very accurate and not cheesy like other Jesus films/series. It would be really cool if Angel Studios would help make this.

      1. Yeah. Angel Studios is currently doing something similar, bringing Andrew Peterson’s The Wingfeather Saga to the screen as an animated series. Angel has really good crowdfunding options — you might want to consider them.

  12. That would be AWESOME! I would totally donate to that! I can’t wait to see what Helmer, Picket, Heather, Emma, Cole, Jo, and Heyna look like! I’ve been hoping for a Green Ember movie ever since I read the Last Archer! (I accidentally read that first, was confused, and realized there was a book one). So looking forward to it!!

    1. I would also donate all of my meager savings for this movie/tv series. It would be the best show EVER!!! I will pray that yall find enough money to make this happen (hopefully) soon. I love these books, and I wish sometimes that I could be a rabbit and go to Natalia and live there forever! (Reality can be boring sometimes, as you can probably tell by the way I gave myself a cooler name.)

  13. My siblings and I are all super excited at this becoming a possibility! I will be praying for you and everyone else involved and for His will to be done and the necessary doors to open for you. God bless you!

  14. A movie would be amazing! (my brothers volunteer as the voices of Picket, Jo, and Smalls ?)

    P.S. Pleeeease get Andrew Peterson to do the music!! If he can make a version of The Mended Wood with a feel similar to My Love Has Gone Across The Sea, I will donate everything I have! The songs in the books lend themselves to a film so well, it would be great to get them done really nicely. That and Picket’s voice. ?

    God bless you and your family! Praying for this project!

  15. I would LOVE to see a green ember movie series with the same CGI style as Peter Rabbit. I think that that would be absolutely amazing!

  16. Hewo S. D. (Is it cool if I call you that?)! Anyway, OH MY GOSH YES to the movies and or tv series!!! My one plea is that the movies/tv series include all the parts of the book(s). For instance (no hate here ☺) Alice in wonderland (the classic one) doesn’t include the chef lady who almost cooks the little pig/baby.

    But totally yes to the making of this!!

  17. i have been praying and hoping that a green ember movie i would be happy to do any young male voices. . PS. . PLEASE MAKE IT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT . . praying for you and your family

  18. I think Helmer should sound like the old donkey from The Star. I just imagined him with that kinda attitude, and I think it make a great Helmer if you could get something similar.

    1. Angel Studios is doing a few other similar series/movies-have you heard of them? My kids would probably spend all their (and some of my husband and my) money to see this happen.

  19. Please let us know if this is in the works! I think this would be awesome but MUST be of super high quality!!! Have you pitched to Bad Robot?

  20. A Green Ember Movie would be 1,000 times better than a peeps movie. Let’s see it happen! What would a peeps movie even be about?

  21. The Green Ember Series changed our family reading nights. I remember the first time I read the first book. Prior to this series we would jump around from Little Critter to the Berenstain Bears, and whatever else the kids would argue over. My wife read the first two chapters (one a night) and asked me to fill in on the third night. We read the third chapter, and I was hooked. This is a feat for me as I am a movie guy and had not enjoyed reading for years (too many technical manuals and white papers in college). I read the fourth chapter that night and from then on we would vary between 2-4 chapters a night. Once we finished the canon, we started reading the supporting stories. I have enjoyed this series as it brought joy back to reading. We moved on to the Wingfeather series and I am glad to see it become an animated series. I would love to see the Green Ember on the TV. Good luck and I (we) will be waiting. Thank you!

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