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Big Things Happening. Big Gratitude to Meet Them!

These are good days for giving thanks.

I’m grateful for these brothers, Josiah and Andrew, and the way they have had my back while I’ve been facing front. I have almost never felt up to the vulnerability and anxiety associated with being “out front.” You don’t often see them, but they are there. And I can’t do this without them.

I’m grateful for you, the readers/fans/friends who encourage me daily with incredibly generous notes and posts and mail and messages sharing how much you love these stories. This has been so powerful for me. I wish I could say I was oblivious and don’t need the encouragement, but I’m not and I do. It means so much to me that you care and care enough to not be silent.

I’m grateful for our sales team. Yep, that’s you again. We don’t have a marketing team, or a sales team. We have YOU. And you’ve been that. You write and post reviews, you share the books with your friends (online and in person), you wear the t-shirts and hats, and you are the reason the books have spread and I get to write stories for a living. I’ll never forget that.

This is a very full, exciting season.

✈️?? • I’m starting to do some select and small talks again this week (see you soon, Houston).

??☝? • We have new books on the near horizon, including my first traditionally published story.

✍??? • We have a writing course launching soon (can’t wait to share!).

?⚔️? • We are in serious talks about a Green Ember feature film.

There’s more. It’s a lot! It’s fun, but there are challenges for sure. That’s why I’m always most grateful when I hear that you have been praying for me and my family and our team. Thank you! This is why PRAYER is part of our Gimme 5 asks. (Gimme 5 started because people asked us, “What can we do to help?”) Ultimately, we can’t do anything apart from God—and don’t want to.

“A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven.” John the Baptist (John 3:27)

So, our deepest gratitude is to God the Father, who gives good gifts to his children, to Christ our Lord, who is the Good Shepherd to us goofy, often-hopeless sheep, and the Holy Spirit, who advocates for us against the active and aggressive Accuser

And thank you, once again, our very dear friends.


  1. Again, the Green Ember books are literally the best books ever!! I’m praying for y’all and for everything to go smoothly with your new books (and hopefully movie)!

  2. Also, I have a question. Did Nate, Owen, and Studge survive Ember’s End? Nate is my third favorite character.

  3. Ooo there’s gonna be a writing course? I’m in!
    Also, I am totally praying for a Green Ember series/movie!!!
    God bless!

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