The Green Ember is Invading Britain!

We are psyched…er, chuffed…to announce that The Green Ember is invading Britain! 🎉🇬🇧🎉

We have been asked by fans for many years when these rabbits and their swords would make their way across the pond. I’m not sure what you guys will think of the new cover. 🧐

UK pals, you can preorder the books RIGHT NOW. Please do! (£9.99 + FREE SHIPPING)

(Sorry for the stereotype art! One of my favourite things about you guys is your sense of self-deprecating humour!)

And please let your friends….er, mates…know about this news. Thank you!

The first two Green Ember books (The Green Ember & Ember Falls) will be first to release in the UK (and Commonwealth). Available end of THIS MONTH.

The next two books (Ember Rising & Ember’s End) will follow in ’24.

Our partners are Reformation Lightning, a wonderful publisher and distributor with an emphasis on books that are faithful to a Christian worldview. Ref Light are fantastic at connecting with readers at conferences and events. We are delighted to be partnering with them! (Maybe I can pop over for some in-person events. 👀 Let me know if you’d like that.)

I am so grateful. I pray this leads to soul-shaping, memory-making, darkness-shaking gifts for many UK children and families!

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  1. Hello Mr. Smith,
    What about continental Europe? We are interested in buying your Green Ember books, yet we are put off by the shipping + high VAT we have to pay when we buy from the US or (since Brexit) from the UK. We are in Belgium / the Netherlands.
    A mom

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