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Updated recommended reading order for all TEN books here.

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Hello! You must be one of the many eager readers searching for which book comes next in the beloved, bestselling Green Ember series. You’ve come to the right place!

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S. D. Smith recommends reading the books in publication order. But if you aren’t sure, just begin with The Green Ember (for FREE here) and you’re pretty safe.

Publication order:

  1. The Green Ember
  2. The Black Star of Kingston (Tales of Old Natalia 1)
  3. Ember Falls: The Green Ember Book II
  4. The Last Archer: Green Ember Archer I
  5. Ember Rising: The Green Ember Book III
  6. The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner (Tales of Old Natalia II)
  7. The First Fowler: Green Ember Archer II
  8. Ember’s End: The Green Ember Book IV
  9. The Archer’s Cup: Green Ember Archer III
  10. Prince Lander and the Dragon War (Tales of Old Natalia III)

Find out more answers at our FAQ, here.

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  1. Hi there! So, my family is currently listening to the Green Ember series audiobooks. We LOVE them! Well done, Sir. They’ve made long car rides to Montana and back SO much better. Yet we have a question! Do you have a chronology for all the events in the stories? I’m sure you do, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere, alas. If you could be so kind as to point us in the right direction, we’d be greatful.
    Thank you!
    Isaiah Skinner

  2. I’ve read every book multiple times and I’m almost 39…I absolutely love them and I recommend them to anyone looking for a new series.

    Will there be more?!

    Picking up where Prince Lander, Fleck and King Whitson left off after The Black Star of Kingston? Or maybe a story involving the Wolf who saw Joe’s impossible shot?

    I’m a fan for life!!

  3. Paxton Shanks
    Legacy Christian Academy
    27680 Dickason Dr
    Valencia, CA 91355

    Friday, May 5, 2023

    S. D. Smith
    P.O. Box 2267
    Beaver, WV 25813

    Dear S.D. Smith,
    I just finished reading your book, Prince Lander and the Dragon War. I loved It so much my older brother also loved it and we have been quizzing each other on it. I wanted to know more about how you got your Ideas for the book (Because it was so good) and more about the process of making the book. My favorite part in the book is when I learned that Fleck was still alive (He is one of my favorite characters). I love to imagine myself in the story and who I would want to be.I love to play in my backyard and pretend to be in the story. I have started to write my own story and I think it is not as good but it is something like it. If you want I will share it with you. The story will be posted below. If you can please make comments on spelling or grammar and tell me your favorite part. It is okay if you don’t write back but I wanted you to know that you have great books. Have you ever read the Wingfeather Saga? YODA BEST.

    My story:

    Chapter One

    At first the dark tunnel frightened me but as soon as I heard the rapid thumping from behind I urged my horse into it. Black was the only thing that could be seen. The floor of the tunnel had old water that splashed every time we moved. I reached for a saddle bag on the side of my horse and drew out a torch. It burst into flames as soon as I lit it. The light lit our way and we could see that there was a fork in the tunnel. We slid to a stop and I was about to dismount but we heard shouting so we galloped ahead, taking the left tunnel. Tunnel after tunnel shout after shout we finally came to the end of the tunnel we were trapped. The soldiers thundered around the bend seeing us, they dismounted their horses and drew their swords. There was no escape. I then drew my own sword. It was all black with a single red gem in its hilt. The soldiers charged at us. Staying on my ground I blocked a stroke from a soldier and kicked the sword out of his hands just as the other soldier came. He threw a desperate stroke at my middle that was blocked and the next moment he was lying on the floor swordless. I then brought my sword down and turned to the other soldier that was in the corner wide eyed. He made a move to run but was brought down by one swift stroke.


    Paxton Shanks

    Paxton Shanks

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