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FREE Writing Summit Featuring S. D. Smith + Book Recommendations from Anne & Sam

Hi Friends,

Do you have a young writer in your home?

If so, you won’t want to miss my session at the upcoming Young Writers Can Change the World Virtual Summit!

Too often, young writers don’t realize how much they can do when they take their writing seriously and realize their full potential.

They don’t need to wait until they’re forty to start finishing projects they’re proud of.

That’s why this free summit aims to give writers the momentum and tools they need to start making a difference with their writing right now—even if they’re still a teenager.

The free summit will take place from August 15-16.

At the summit, I’ll be speaking on “Fiction Is More Than Just Entertainment”.

Young Writers Can Change the World Summit Speaker: S. D. Smith

Want to join in?

If so, click here to register for free and learn more about the event.

FAQ: Will the sessions be available to watch after they stream?

The summit replays will be available to everyone the entire two days of the summit (August 15-16). After that, they’ll be moved to the content library, so then only YWW members will have access to them. (I HIGHLY recommend joining YWW.)

Sam’s Book Recommendations

I’m pretty sure there are large numbers of kids who know these stories better than I do. I regularly hear from kids who have read The Green Ember Series multiple times, some in the tens and twenties. If I had to go up against them in a trivia contest, I’m positive I would lose!

I’m honored, of course. But I’d advise moving on to other books. The Green Ember is a good gate and I hope that my books are an intro to a kind of story, not the end of the search. I think of this, from C. S. Lewis:

Here are two wonderful new books I recommend: (watch this video for more in depth reviews)

The Forgotten King by Kenneth Padgett & Shay Gregorie, Illustrated by Stephen Crotts

“A beautiful parable with an ending unlike anything I’ve ever read in fiction. Wonderful. Too true to not be good!”

The Sower by Scott James, Illustrated by Stephen Crotts

“The Sower is a lovely, lyrical gift. Its accessible blend of truth and beauty, in words and images, is nourishing and timely. I love it.”

Also on my recommendation list:

And now, my daughter Anne is back with another book review that she would like to share with you!

Dealing With Dragons | Anne-Girl Reviews

Anne-Girl Reviews: Dealing with Dragons

As is often the case with princesses, Cimorene doesn’t want to be one. She is sick and tired of learning how to look pretty, use proper etiquette, and other frivolous, impractical things like that. She would rather learn Latin, fencing and cooking. She has heard of princesses often being captured by dragons, and decides that would be a preferable alternative. So she sets off to find a dragon to be captured by. Eventually she finds Kazul, and offers to fulfill the traditional role. Kazul is surprised, but the two soon become friends.

I found this book to be enjoyable and refreshing. It seems cliche, with rebellious royalty and all that, but what I liked is that Cimorene is polite about it. She doesn’t stomp her foot and yell at her parents. She’s sensible, practical, and just wants to be more useful. She wants to have an interesting life. I am a great lover of princess books, so I may be biased. But this story turns fairytale stereotypes on their heads, portraying witches and dragons as good characters, and wizards as evil, which I know isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s an enjoyable story if you take it with a grain of salt. It might not be for everyone, but I found it to be a charming and pleasant play on a classic princess tale.

Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
Anne-Girl Reviews

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to register for the free writing summit.

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S. D. Smith and Anne Smith

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