S. D. Smith in Houston

I’m so grateful for the time we had in Houston. We had a wonderful trip!

I got to speak in-person again with real people around. That was a hoot. (Although I’m so out of practice that when the students at Trinity Classical were trying to welcome me this morning, I just sat there through the applause like an idiot.)

Thanks, Houston Baptist University, for having us. Man, I’m so impressed with what they are doing at HBU. Super cool things happening there for creators. Writing. Screenwriting. Animation. And much more. It’s the kind of school I would have loved to attend as a young person. (Maybe it’s not too late for me!)

We felt welcomed and loved the whole time and the people were the best part. From Dr. and Mrs. Sloan to the deans and chairs and professors, we were blown away by HBU’s hospitality and excellence. It feels like the beginning of a long friendship. We also got to see some of the sights and history of a special city. I’m a homeboy, so I’m glad to be back in West Virginia, but we loved our time in Houston and hope it’s not too long before we return. I’m especially grateful for how you welcomed my two oldest kids!

God bless Texas!

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