Last chance to get a Signed First Edition of Jack Zulu

Today is the LAST DAY for signed FIRST EDITION copies of Jack Zulu at our family store! (We will still offer the signed book and t-shirt combo for a while.) Your next chance would be on our tour next year—hopefully coming to your area!

last chance for a signed first edition of jack zulu

A Real Sellout

Jack Zulu is selling so well; I’m glad we signed so many thousand books! Thank you for helping us launch this exciting new book (and series)! Speaking of selling out, we are nearly out of Picket’s Sword.

Also, preferred sizes of your favorite shirts may sell out soon and we are running low on some other items. Today is a great day to get some Christmas shopping done at our family store!

Here’s what Ginny from 1000 Hours Outside has to say about Jack:

“This father-son duo have combined forces to create an enchanting, mythical world full of the types of dangers that create daring heroes and heroines. Our souls crave meaningful stories and Jack Zulu delivers in a family-friendly way through memorable characters and fearless adventures. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with this brand new page-tuner, the first book of an entire series to come!”
Ginny Yurich – 1000 Hours Outside

Get $11 Green Ember Ornament FREE

We’re sending a FREE ornament with every shippable purchase!

green ember ornament

Thank you for being on our side and supporting us!

We’re on your side,


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