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Hopeful, Hospitable Stories

Christmas approaches, Thanksgiving (in the USA) is in a few days, and I love this time of year. It may be different and challenging this year for many of us, but it’s a wonderful season.

Advent, a season of reflection and fasting and giving is just around the corner, and I love that it precedes the festive season of Christmastide. I love that Christmas is about being met by the divine in the midst of darkness. I love that, even though we feel like our culture is about as messy as it can get, God himself came into our mess to bless and redeem us. We get to celebrate that. And I love that for most of us, this involves giving!

I’d be happy if you chose to shop our Christmas sale for some of your gifts, but regardless, I hope this season is (maybe unexpectedly) awesome for your family. I hope it’s a time of togetherness and memory-making, of weathering the storms side-by-side, and growing in the adventure.

Smiths Thanksgiving

This weekend I had the pleasure of hearing stories from excited fans. I heard from moms who cried reading the stories with their families, and from kids who told me the Ember books shaped their childhood. I also heard from a mom who is so happy that her son gets to see and read about a main character who looks like him.

These kinds of responses are what excite me. I’m on a mission to love and serve kids. Families. Your family. Your kids. I’m eager to keep it going as long as I can. Because these stories are HOPEFUL. And they are HOSPITABLE.

Jack Zulu book & shirt, Free Green Ember Ornament Post

Black Friday, Sepia Saturday, White Wednesday, and Magenta Monday

We don’t usually do Black Friday or Sepia Saturdays or White Wednesday or Magenta Monday sales. HOWEVER, we do have the best deals of the year at our store right now.

signed full set of Green Ember Books, featured in the Free Green Ember Ornament Post

No pressure. It helps us a bunch when you order from our store, naturally. But our business is built on creating stories you actually want and on you loving and feeling good about what you buy from us.

Honestly, I can get tired of self-promotion pretty quickly so here is how I make it fun for all of us:

But in all seriousness, I do LOVE sharing stories that threaten the darkness with little sparks of light that may grow into great blazes in the hearts of children. You are our allies, and we see it when you back our books and share them in your creative, enthusiastic ways.

Thank you!

It’s a gift to know we are not alone. God bless you all.


Sam & Josiah Smith
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