Not Force-feeding Meds, Eating a Tasty Feast

A few words about our thrilling mission and your crucial part in it…

We are a small family business in every way—small but fierce (as the bard said). We have always seen our work as coming alongside yours. So much modern-era entertainment for kids (like education, at times) is aimed at undermining parents and preying on children. Our aims could not be further from that dark design. 

We are your allies in imagination. We are on your side. 

Thank you for being our allies as well, for helping us by sharing our work with your friends. You are our ‘elite sales force.’ (Mostly moms, those heroines who make the world go.)

You have really caused what this has become, a growing and astonishing phenomenon that is reaching more and more families everyday with a good, generous gift of light and love in a world of darkness and depravity.

kid reading jack zulu

And it’s not force-feeding gross medicine to kids, it’s a tasty feast they love and long for. 

kids in green ember gear

The Lord bless you and keep you ever in his unfailing love!

small family business


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